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This blue toilet chair is a practical and safe option for people with a larger physique and having difficulties moving or in cases where there is no access to a regular toilet. For the convenience of the user, the seat height of the chair is changed by adjusting the length of the legs (using fasteners), so it is especially suitable for people after hip joint operations, when it is forbidden to bend the leg and sit on low surfaces. If necessary, the product can also be used as a comfortable, soft chair.

The stable 9.5 kg chair is designed for users weighing up to 130 kg. The frame is made of painted steel, the backrest of the chair and armrests are covered with easy-to-clean artificial leather and padded. The seating part is also padded with a closed-shaped cut-out of 24×21 cm, covered from above with a padded lid. The set of the chair includes a coverable 5 l bedpan, which is installed on special brackets from above. The toilet chair is delivered completely ready for use.


  • Maximum load, kg 130
  • Weight, kg 9.5
  • Overall height, cm 90-103
  • Height adjustment positions 15
  • Overall width, cm 64
  • Overall length, cm 61
  • Seat height, cm 50-65 (be dangčio
  • Width x depth of aperture, cm 24 x 21


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