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This lightweight 2-section walking frame is designed to compensate for temporary or long-term dysfunction of the mobile-support apparatus, adapted for daily movement indoors or outdoors for users weighing up to 120 kg. This is an excellent aid not only when walking, but also when sitting down or standing up.

The frame is sold fully assembled and ready for use. To unfold it, hold on to the padded supports for your hands and slowly bend both supports in opposite directions until you hear a click and the frame takes on a semicircular shape. When folding the frame, press down on the plastic bracket at the top and fold both sides of the frame inward. As you walk, lift the frame and place it forward. Try to stand straight, symmetrically.

The frame is made of aluminium tubes covered with a glossy anodic coating. Frame legs have rubber, anti-slip tips that do not scratch the floor. The height from the floor to the holding handle part should be set so that the hands are slightly bent at the elbows – this can be conveniently done by pressing the button once.


  • Maksimalno opterećenje, kg 120
  • Težina, kg 2,7
  • Ukupna visina, cm 80-99
  • Ukupna širina, cm 53
  • Ukupna dužina, cm 64


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